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Your dentist may have discovered infection around a tooth which has previously been root treated, cases where an existing crown requires replacement are common examples of such findings.


Your tooth may be free of pain, but in situations where infection is diagnosed this should be treated prior to the new crown being fitted.

The use of dedicated instruments and solvents aid the removal of the existing root filling, after which your tooth will be dressed with a medicament to aid the healing process. A further appointment is then scheduled to complete the procedure.


Re-treatment cases are complex. Cases arise involving the need to remove root fillings that are made from the metal silver, these can be fragile due to their fine structure. Other examples require the removal of fractured instruments that were originally used to clean the canals, these so called "separated instruments" are not uncommon, sadly it is a recognised risk that such instances can arise, we always try every possible method to resolve and rectify your particular case.


Your individual case will be explained in detail at consultation.



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