Mr Ian Charlesworth 164 Wilmslow Road Handforth. SK9 3LF..01625 522023
              Mr Ian Charlesworth     164 Wilmslow Road Handforth. SK9 3LF..01625 522023


Since graduation from Manchester University in 1996, Mr Ian Charlesworth takes pride in the high standards of practice to which he is committed, with patient care afforded the highest priority.

Continuing attendance at post-graduate courses and seminars ensures awareness of advancements in treatment techniques; at the same time stimulating thought on potential advancements and developments in specialist fields.

Over the years Mr Charlesworth has developed a particular and consummate interest in the speciality of endodontics: – the technique of root canal therapy.

Skills in this sub-speciality of dentistry have been honed by study and experience, driven by an absorbing interest, now recognised by fellow dental surgeons who submit referrals for this highly specialised treatment.

The atmosphere in his surgery is one of calm competence, generated by the application of care, coupled with a relaxed approach in explaining to the patient the remedial work or treatment required in terms which are readily understood.

Mr Charlesworth currently teaches post-graduate endodontics at the Manchester Dental Hospital, he secretary of a local endodontic study circle (NORWESC) and a member of the British Endodontic Society.


 This web site is designed to provide patients' with a comprehensive understanding  of the  processes  involved in root canal treatment.  

By making a referral for root canal therapy your dentist is demonstrating concern for your dental health and the outcome of your dental treatment.

The service we provide is of the highest professional standards, at the leading edge of modern root canal treatment, dispensed in a friendly enviroment, using the latest developments in technology which  include digital radiology, computer imaging and microscope enhanced surgery.

Typically, patients are referred to Mr Charlesworth, following diagnosis by your dentist, for complex cases which require  specialised equipment and facilities.

Referral provides the opportunity to increase the success rate of your root treatment and vitally maintain your oral health (c)2015.





Mr Ian Charlesworth  has been accepting referrals from practitioners whose patients require root canal treatment,for more than a decade, applying the very latest techniques in endodontics, thereby helping to protect and maintain oral health. His surgery is located in Handforth near Wilmslow, Cheshire  . 01625 522023 01625 522023

In addition to private referrals to his clinic Dr Charlesworth,  instructs on Post-Graduate Endodontics at the Manchester Dental Hospital.

We recognise that each case is unique,which is why we offer a free consultation appointment, at which an examination of your tooth and  assessment will be undertaken. A treatment plan  and estimate of associated fees provided. No treatment will be undertaken at this visit.


Mr Ian Charlesworth BDS (VU, Manc) . UK.   GDC NO. 72113

British Endodontic Society Member

Secretary of North West Endodontic Society.


What is root treatment?

Is a procedure by which an infected/diseased tooth can be treated and extraction avoided.

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Full details and information leaflets, particular to your individual case, will be given to you at your consultation.


















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