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Examples of cases undertaken by Mr Charlesworth

A series of X-Rays taken of a back tooth (molar) that required a new root filling. The pictures demonstrate the healing process has reduced the dark zones of inflammation around the tooth.If a root treatment had not been undertaken the infection would have continued to take its toll on the area, this would have had a negative effect on the success rate and eventual outcome of treatment. Studies have shown the earlier we tackle the infection the higher the chance of healing.

An X-Ray of an infected back tooth, the dark areas around the roots are a result of inflammation.
X-Ray demonstrating the three root fillings occupying the root canals
The same tooth 6 months later, already the dark zones of inflammation are shrinking

Another example of  molar tooth, requiring Root Canal Treatment, Mr Charlesworth scheduled two visits to clean and medicate the inner canal structures, the patients pain subsiding after the first visit. Two weeks later the tooth was re- cleansed and  the root fillings placed.

The X-Ray below shows the three root fillings placed to the full length of the canals. Due to the tooth beging heavily filled a cap/crown was then prepared and placed by the referring dentist, this will give protection and strength to the underlying tooth structure. Crowns are often recommended after your root treatment.


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